The cascadia high speed rail
Vancouver WA to Rose Quarter OR - Rose Quarter to                                 Tualatin - Tualatin to Eugene OR                                                                                  Vancouver WA to tacoma/Seattle  and Everett Wa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is higher-speed rail (mph)
in the existing freight line corridor.

A: Trains which can run up to 110 miles per hour  must have up-grated tracks and signals. They are mostly diesel powered and in this case use the freight rail system and none grade separated corridors.

Q: What is the Cascadia High-Speed Rail in the CHSR corridor.

A: Trains which operate up to 180 miles per hour or more. They are powered with electricity and regenerative braking capabilities, thus contributing to energy savings and pollution reduction.  They need and run on dedicated rail corridors with all grade separated crossings as shown in the respective CHSR corridor section drawings.