The Northwest's CHSR Speed Route

 Sustainable Transportation for the Northwest with different Train Types and Interconnect Ability            


Now we need to build this Cascadia High-Speed Rail corridor so we can travel in pleasant and efficient ways.

Imagine cutting intercity travel time in half and stress free.

Move, relax, work or have a meal.

Think of the contribution you can make and help to lessen pollution and energy consumption and reach the destination refreshed.

Look, you are no longer stuck in traffic jams; you are on the train - along the Cascadia High-Speed route!


    Current Talgo                       Relax                             The CHSR

This website displays the detailed Cascadia High-Speed Rail Route Section plans between Eugene Oregon and Vancouver British Columbia.  

Construction phases: Build the route line from Portland to Seattle and next to Eugene Oregon and Vancouver British Columbia.

This route plan is the proposal to build the Cascadia High-Speed Rail for the federal earmarked Northwest corridor region.

 Route layout designed by Rudy Niederer

The proposal for the Cascadia High-Speed Rail is to provide real high- speed rail transit for the Northwest.


Route speed in most the case is 180 Miles a Hour.

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