The Northwest's CHSR Speed Route               

 Sustainable Transportation for the Northwest with different Train Types and Interconnect Ability            


Let us build this CHSR so we can travel in pleasant and efficient ways.

Imagine cutting intercity travel time in half and stress free.

You can be on the move, relax, work or have something to eat.

Think of the contribution you can make and help to reduce pollution and energy consumption and reach the destination refreshed.

Look, you are no longer stuck in traffic jams, you are on the train - The CHSR!


    Current Talgo                       Relax                             The CHSR

General; this website has detailed planes for the respective section's of the entire CHSR route between Eugene OR and Everett WA. The plan from Everett to Vancouver BC will be upcoming during the winter months.

The first phase to construct the route line will be from Portland to Seattle and upcomming to Eugene and Vancouver BC.

Let us do great and useful Civil Engineering for our own Country and its Citizens again!   This plan is growth and capacity improvement oriented.

Our Citizens need to be sufficiently educated so they can elect the proper politicians and provide the craft's do this great work...

Perhaps we need to return to "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno" (In Latin) and not so much profit only oriented selfishness.

Rudy Niederer

The proposal for the CHSR is to provide real high speed rail transit for the Northwest.


Route speed in most the case is 180 Miles per Hour

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